Humanity & Technology

Technology: friend, or foe? Be it Artificial Intelligence, bio-hacking, genetic engineering, virtual reality or automation, how is this rapid technological advancement affecting and changing the meaning of humanity?

In this collection, we probe the debate surrounding the powers and ethics of some of these new and indeed, invasive technologies. How genetic modification might alter the makeup of entire ecosystems, for example. Or how humans are enhancing and modifying their bodies with new bio-limbs and sensors. And what about the biases in Artificial Intelligence, enough to rig elections and change government policy. Who is writing the codes and algorithms that will dictate our future way of life – are they to be trusted?

We also interrogate the digitisation of the image archive and the changing way we view photography – faster, smaller, louder. We look at how the image-makers of today react and innovate, creating work for an audience that is always connected. And, how photographers use digital media and the virtual space within their practice. You will find many compelling visual solutions in the Technology & Humanity Collection. You will also find that for many of the artists, these are inquiries that have only just started to unravel.