Decade of Change


Decade of Change 2022: The Winners

Reading Time: 6 minutes From environmental anxiety and visions of devastation, to images confronting us with the effects of global warming upon indigenous communities, these images offer an impactful and urgent response to how our world is changing

17 May 2022
Governments are repeatedly failing to act on climate change. But photography can serve as a mirror, a warning sound, a vehicle for truth.

Activists, industries and everyday people are fighting to change the course of our future. The Decade of Change Collection explores projects that confront urgent issues relating to the environment: humanity’s place on Earth, the trajectory of global warming, and the intersection of climate and culture.

Spanning humankind to wildlife and cityscapes to ecosystems, these articles examine some of photography’s most potent responses to the climate crisis.

For this edition, we are delighted to welcome Christiana Figueres, architect of the Paris Climate Agreement, as our contributing editor.