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A global photography award and collaborative exhibition dedicated to documenting the defining matter of our time: the climate crisis.

Decade of Change

In its inaugural year, Decade of Change will bring together leaders in photography, philanthropy, research and activism to address the climate crisis on a global collaborative scale. From humankind to wildlife and cityscapes to ecosystems, the award will explore both the strength and fragility of our planet — celebrating all that we have to protect, and cautioning all that we have to lose.
Open to photographers and visual artists around the world, the culminating exhibition will tour internationally.


The award is now closed.

Why enter

Be part of a global movement

With governments repeatedly failing to act, photography can serve as a mirror. A warning sound. A vehicle for truth. Decade of Change will curate some of the world’s most powerful creative responses to the climate crisis in one of the farthest-reaching climate exhibitions the world has ever seen.

Get exhibited worldwide

We’re connecting with leaders in government, business, activism and photography to sustainably tour winning images & moving images to venues across the globe. Exhibition locations include Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change, and The Nest Summit in NY

Get judged by industry leaders

Have your work judged by some of the most influential figures in photography, impact and policy.

The winners of Decade of Change have been announced!


Spanning multiple themes and subject matters relating to Climate Change, meet the artists who are harnessing the power of photography to tell their story and galvanise change.


  • Up to 40 single images (10 from each category) will be exhibited internationally, alongside two bodies of work and one moving image feature
  • Get published to a global audience of 2+m on 1854.photography
  • Get your work reviewed by a panel of leading industry experts

Prize list

  • Get your work exhibited internationally
  • Get published to a global audience of 2+m on 1854.photography
  • Get your work reviewed by a panel of leading industry experts


Decade of Change presents our largest, most prominent judging panel to date. Confirmed judges include:

Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim

President, Association for Indigenous Women and Peoples of Chad (AFPAT)

Terry Tamminen

Former CEO, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

Muyi Xizo

Reporter and Video Producer, Visual Investigations Team, The New York Times

Angela Glienicke

Picture Editor, Greenpeace

Paul Dickinson

Founder and Executive Chairman, CDP

Tim Brooks - Leggo Image

Tim Brooks

Vice President of Environmental Responsibility, Lego

Kathleen Lei Limayo

Asia & Pacific Video Producer, 350.org

Miranda Massie

Director and Founder of the Climate Museum, New York

Stories Competition

The Stories Competition invites photographers to submit a body of work addressing the climate crisis — however you interpret it. This work might explore causes, effects, efforts to reverse or adapt to the changing climate; it could celebrate all that we have to protect, or warn of trouble ahead.

Possible themes include people and the anthropological causes and effects of the crisis; action and protest; urban life, and the ways in which cities and towns are implicated; the natural world and changing life under water, on land and above air; questions of science, progress and innovation; possible futures.

Moving Image Competition

The Moving Image Competition invites visual artists to submit a film up to ten minutes in length addressing the climate crisis — however you interpret it. See the above Stories Competition section for inspiration on possible themes.

Single Image Competition


The People category intends to hold up a mirror to humankind and explore the anthropological implications of the climate crisis: the ways in which we, as a population, are fueling, affected by or responding to it.

Entries to this category could depict issues of community, health, livelihood, education, consumerism/consumption, agriculture, economy, consequences and effects, protest, action, unity.


Estimates suggest that cities are responsible for 75 percent of global CO2 emissions.1 The Urban category considers the ways in which cities and towns are accountable for and impacted by the climate crisis, as well as their integral part in fighting it.

Entries to this category could depict issues of infrastructure, transport, housing, buildings, urban activities, industry, business, pollution, city-based solutions (e.g. recycling or cleaner production techniques).


Global warming is likely to be the greatest cause of species extinctions this century.2 The world’s ice, snow and permafrost is melting. Coral reefs are disappearing at breakneck speed. The Nature category paints a picture of changing life below water, on land and above air, considering both nature in all its splendour and nature in decline.

Entries to this category could depict scenes of wildlife, natural habitats, landscapes, ecosystems, rising sea levels, deforestation, weather conditions, or other.


The United Nations reports that the world is continuing to drift further off course in limiting climate change.3 The Future category considers our progress, and questions the future in store.

Entries to this category could depict areas of science, technology, innovation and solutions, as well as more cautionary portrayals of the decline of our planet.

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Professional and non-professional photographers from all over the world are eligible to enter.


Entries can be shot using any camera model (film or digital) or electronic device, and images may be portrait, landscape or square in format.


1854 Media reserves the right not to show the submitted work


Each entrant will be deemed to warrant that they own the entire copyright for the work or that they have permission from the licensee and/or copyright owner/s for the uses.


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You may submit a title (200 character limit) and caption (750 character limit) for each photograph entered. For the Stories Category, you can also provide an artist’s statement (1000 character limit). All accompanying text must be written in English.


The deadline for entries is 28 January 2021 23:59 (UK Time).

Judging will take place shortly after the deadline.


Once your images and captions have been uploaded to the system you will see an option to submit your entry. Once submitted, your entry cannot be altered. Only submitted entries will be viewed by the judges.


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A selection of images will be published through 1854 Media & British Journal of Photography digital channels.


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Enter the Decade of Change award now, and change the course of your career.

This award is now closed.


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