Then & Now


Picture This: Memory

Reading Time: 6 minutes Cary Fagan, Aaron Schuman, Kalpesh Lathigura and others reflect on memories through image and text, as part of our ongoing series Picture This.

9 March 2021

Max Ernst Stockburger navigates the archive of nuclear warfare

Reading Time: 5 minutes Tens of thousands of people perished after the nuclear attacks in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Yet the scientists who created the bombs, only consumed their effect through imagery of the mushroom cloud. Stockburger ruminates on this tension in his new work, The Missing Link.

2 March 2021
Be it the year just gone, or the last century, it is by reflecting on the past that we can begin to make sense of our present.

History is said to be our greatest teacher. Photography’s own is divisive and complex, but through understanding the framework, we can learn.

In this Collection, we explore the work of photographers who have done just that, also drawing on the extraordinary events of the last year and beyond to build new and compelling narratives.

The contributors of Then & Now ruminate upon themes of memory, heritage, identity, religion and conflict among others, from both a personal and shared perspective. There is no looking to the past without considering the archive, which image-makers here celebrate both through reference, and by giving it a new life in contemporary, creative contexts.