Any Answers

Any Answers: Lesley A Martin reflects on her career

Reading Time: 3 minutes Since starting out as an intern 25 years ago, Aperture foundation’s creative director Lesley A Martin has edited scores of photobooks, including cultural touchstones by artists like Rinko Kawauchi, LaToya Ruby Frazier and Antwaun Sargent

26 August 2022

Any Answers: Simon Bainbridge

Reading Time: 3 minutes With the launch of Ones to Watch 2022, Magnum Photos’ editor-in-chief and former British Journal of Photography editor Simon Bainbridge, who co-edited the issue, reflects on his life and career to date

17 June 2022

Any Answers: Ingrid Pollard

Reading Time: 3 minutes “People always assume my work is about the landscape – about Black people in the landscape. They try to push whatever I do into that small subject area. There is little close observation of what is actually in the photograph”

1 December 2021

Any Answers: Miho Kajioka

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Japanese photographer reflects on her career, and how her appreciation of ambiguity and closeness to nature has helped her make sense of the pandemic.

12 January 2021

Any Answers: Harry Gruyaert

Reading Time: 3 minutes An early pioneer of colour photography and digital printing, the 77-year-old is best known for his cinematic, light- strewn images of Morocco, Russia, the US and his native Belgium. Working across six decades, he’s produced many books, including the recent East/West and Edges, both published by Thames & Hudson

28 January 2019
In this series, some of photography’s living greats reflect on their life and career so far.

From their earliest memories to pivotal moments and life’s biggest lessons, we dive deep into the core of their lives as artists.

The Any Answers archive includes interviews with Anders Petersen, Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen, Harry Gruyaert, Michael Stipe and more.