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Gender & Sexuality


Kennedi Carter pictures new worlds

Reading Time: 3 minutes Each year, British Journal of Photography presents its Ones To Watch – a group of emerging image-makers, chosen from hundreds of nominations by international experts. Throughout September, BJP-online is sharing their profiles, originally published in issue #7898 of the magazine.


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“When gender is a binary, it’s a battlefield,” said the queer author Kate Bornstein. “Get rid of the binary, and gender becomes a playground.”

If to be seen is to exist, we must not underestimate the power of photography to validate people on the margins of gender and sexual norms. With the history of the medium anchored firmly in the white male gaze, the Gender and Sexuality Collection celebrates  artists who traverse new realms of agency and autonomy, exploring the important role that photography can play in visualising these experiences.

In this collection: