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War & Conflict


Centralia by Poulomi Basu

Reading Time: 5 minutes Land grabs, forced displacement, Maoist rebels, state executions… Central India’s 50-year conflict is virtually unknown outside the Subcontinent, and Poulomi Basu’s investigation of this hidden war defies an easy reading


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In her essay, Looking at War, Susan Sontag writes: “Photographs of the victims of war are themselves a species of rhetoric. They reiterate. They simplify. They agitate. They create the illusion of consensus.”

The digital age has birthed unprecedented familiarity with widespread death and destruction. 

Whether eliciting calls for peace, cries for retribution or a simple and continuously refuelled awareness that terrible things happen, visual recordings of violence litter our newsfeeds daily — and for those of us who have never experienced war, the images are our only reference.

Against the backdrop of this shift in the way modern conflict interacts with media, the War & Conflict Collection highlights the artists, photojournalists and documentary photographers both shaping and challenging our understanding of unrest, past and present.

In this collection: