In the Studio


In the studio with Theo Simpson

The artist invites us to Lincolnshire’s sparsely populated Wolds, where he has converted a 20th century stable into a workshop, printing studio and makeshift gallery

23 June 2021

In the studio with Brendan Barry

The photographer and educator invites us to the top floor of a disused building off Exeter’s high street, where he has transformed a former gym into a self-built camera, darkroom and studio

1 March 2021

In the studio with Sheida Soleimani

The Iranian-American artist invites us into her converted, 19th century barn in Rhode Island, where politically charged installations co-exist with her hobby of rehabilitating injured wildlife

18 December 2020

Take a deep dive into the processes and practice behind an artist’s work.

From converted stables in the countryside to abandoned gyms and urban warehouses, these image-makers are redefining what it means to create a photograph.

Highlights from our bi-monthly series includes Sheida Soleimani, Brendan Barry, Theo Simpson and more.