10 14 Gallery’s latest show journeys through David Brandon Geeting’s psychedelic constructions

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Set up by photographic agency East in 2019, the Dalston space has shown work by rostered artists as well as third-party exhibitors. As Geeting’s The Marble opens this Friday, we find out more about the gallery and its ethos

Located just off Kingsland High Street in Dalston, 10 14 Gallery was founded by East Photographic – an agency based between London and New York – in 2019. The agency represents photographers in both artistic and commercial capacities, and its gallery-arm situates itself in the intersection of both, showing work by rostered artists as well as third party exhibitors.

David Brandon Geeting is an artist that straddles these two worlds. Represented by East, he is a successful commercial photographer – working for brands and publications like Gucci, Marc Jacobs, TIME and Vogue – and respected artist. His latest exhibition, The Marble, opens at 10 14 this Friday. The work explores the “alchemy between the tactile and transcendent constructs of this world”. Sourcing props from Etsy and vintage shops, Geeting selects objects that represent some kind of human connection to nature. Employing a range of photographic processes, The Marble journeys through psychedelic constructions of real-world objects, as though drifting in and out of consciousness.

© David Brandon Geeting.

Geeting’s exhibition follows a string of successful shows at the Dalston gallery. The space opened as East Gallery in 2019, but was officially rebranded as 10 14 in April 2021, following the appointment of Jamie Shaw as gallery curator and special projects manager. Shaw has previously worked at Self Publish Be Happy, and is the founder of E.Y.M: a creative studio and independent publisher working between photography and fashion. Shaw’s experience situates him in a unique position as curator of the gallery.

“Being able to present fashion-leaning ideas in a gallery context… is really exciting,” says Shaw. “It’s something that East as a whole does cherish. We actively work on the photographers having an artistic practice, as well as a commercially viable practice. There’s definitely a lot of care put into representing artists who do both.”

The gallery is located at 10-14 Crossway, Dalston, London. This image is from Benjamin Vnuk's exhibition in November 2021.
10 14 has hosted the annual Palm Photo Prize exhibition for the last to years.
The gallery is open to visit Monday to Friday by appointment.

Under Shaw’s tenure, 10 14 has staged shows by East-represented artists like Owen Silverwood, Benjamin Vnuk and Francesca Allen. Shaw also hopes to bring in more third-party exhibitors that align with the gallery’s ethos. For example, the gallery has just finished exhibiting the annual Palm* Photo Prize, a community-driven award that is free to enter with the aim to support emerging artists. “We have this platform to show and nurture personal projects by our own roster of artists. But third party projects are also really important for me, which is why I rebranded the gallery as 10 14, because I wanted to separate the gallery a little bit from the agency.”

As the world re-opens following the pandemic, Shaw wants to promote the ethos of 10 14, and situate it within London’s photographic scene. As a gallery, 10 14 aims to push the creativity of the artists it is exhibiting. “My goal is to make projects fun and interesting, and shake things up a bit,” he says.

The Marble by David Brandon Geeting is open by appointment at 10 14 Gallery in Dalston from 22 July to 09 September 2022. Contact info@1014.gallery to book. 

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