Issue #7899: Family

Our latest issue is dedicated to those we hold most dear, as we speak to photographers who each explore their personal relationships with family

21 October 2020

Picture this: Intimacy

Robbie Lawrence, Senta Simond, Chad Moore, Matthew Morrocco, and others, reflect on the experience of intimacy amid the current crisis — the second in a series of articles inviting artists to respond to a theme with image and text

8 May 2020

James Perolls’ tale of sisterhood

The photographer’s collaboration with illustrator Tallulah Fontaine and stylist Yeon You is a fictional story about two sisters in late-80s California, and the love, tension and grief that they share

3 December 2019
Perhaps one of the most human emotions, love permeates so much of what we do.

Perhaps one of the most human emotions, love permeates so much of what we do. It has inspired and consumed artists for centuries. It has inspired movements, acts of compassion, empathy and change. It is a force like no other.

Some of the greatest love stories in contemporary photography have been cherry-picked by curator Simon Baker for an exhibition at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris. In Love Songs, as it is titled, we are invited to reflect on Nan Goldin’s Ballad of Sexual Dependency (1986), Nobuyoshi Araki’s photographs of his lifelong love and muse Yoko, Lin Zhipeng’s playful portraits of his lovers, and Rene Groebli’s hazy honeymoon and more.

 In this collection, you will find a more comprehensive review of the show, along with a celebration of love through the lenses of contemporary photographers making sense of it in their work. From Karla Hiraldo Voleau’s heartbreak, to Jess T. Dugan’s delicate portraits of couples reflecting on life’s ebbs and flows, to Ana Vallejo’s addiction to love, this potent subject is explored in its myriad manifestations.