Issue #7899: Family

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Our latest issue is dedicated to those we hold most dear, as we speak to photographers who each explore their personal relationships with family

Family will mean something different for everyone. However we interpret it, be it through love, biology, duty, or devotion, family is belonging, and for many, it is who we turn to in times of crisis. In our latest issue, we unpack these nuanced relationships, from both a personal and cultural perspective.

In our features, Bharat Sikka reflects on his most recent project, The Sapper, explaining that what began as a casual exercise, evolved into a project that strengthened the intimate bond between father and son. We also visited Rinko Kawauchi in Tokyo, Japan. Her new photobook is a gentle reminder to appreciate the everyday, as seen through the eyes of her young daughter.

Following her poignant works about birth and the female body, Carmen Winant’s latest series explores radical feminist expression through the notion of physical closeness. For Zoe Childerley, the golden planes of California’s Mojave Desert boast some of the most seductive landscapes in America. Its remoteness has attracted wanderers and artists who today call it their home. Her latest monograph tells the story of the community of people who live there.

In tune with the theme of the issue, our Creative Brief is Helen Sargeant of Maternal Art Magazine, who calls for work relating to maternity to be better represented.

With education programmes and curriculums forced to adapt to a new normal, we spotlight one university that considers the students’ role in having more say in curating their academic experience: the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest. We also spoke to Natasha Caruana, the co-founder of an innovative online school, Work Show Grow. Plus we interview Faysal Zaman, Michelle Osten, Norberto Fernandez Soriano and Alexander Komenda — all part of our class of 2020.

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Izabela Radwanska Zhang

Starting out as an intern back in 2016, Izabela Radwanska Zhang is now the Editorial Director of British Journal of Photography in print and online. Her words have appeared in Disegno and Press Association. Prior to this, she completed a MA in Magazine Journalism at City University, London, and most recently, a Postgrad Certificate in Graphic Design at London College of Communication.