Female in Focus x 1854 Presents: Rhiannon Adam

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With Female in Focus 2021 in its final month for entries, we have curated a Female in Focus x 1854 Presents mini-series spotlighting voices of leading women photographers and industry figures across the world. 

In our first instalment of the series, Rhiannon Adam joins 1854’s Zoe Harrison to discuss her work surrounding nostalgia and the materiality of the image, and how working as a female photographer in the 21st century still presents hurdles that their male counterparts need not face.

Date: 20 May 2021, 6:30pm (UK Time)

Female in Focus is a global award recognising women’s extraordinary contribution to contemporary photography, offering 22 exceptional female-identifying and non-binary photographers the chance to be exhibited in the US.

All entries close 17 June 2021.

Rebecca Warger

Rebecca Warger is the Marketing Director for 1854 Media/ British Journal of Photography. She has worked on creative initiatives across Australia, Argentina and London.