1854 Presents: Garrett Grove on shooting America

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Grove, one of our photographers for Shoot the Sequel: Then and Now America , explores his relationship to photography and the US

“A lot of my work comes from just wanting to be out in the world, and understanding it,” Garrett Grove explains. Using documentary as a launching pad, Grove is known for his poetic, playful, and humorous depictions of American life, especially life in the specific north west.

Interviewed by 1854’s Zoe Harrison, Grove opens up on past projects such as Errors of Possession, as well as new endeavours. Commissioned by 1854 and MBP, Grove is one of two photographers chosen for Shoot the Sequel: Then and Now America. By reflecting on the American Dream, mythology, rural land and the nation’s divisions, Grove hopes that his new work can help create connections, conversations, and shared experiences.

Isaac Huxtable

Isaac Huxtable joined the British Journal of Photography in October 2020, where he is currently the Editorial Assistant. Prior to this, he studied a BA in History of Art at the Courtauld Instititue of Art, London.