1854 Presents: Tamiko Thiel on AI and art

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Thiel discusses her career in both art and mechanical engineering, as she combines the two to create new digital works 

“The interplay of space, place, the body and cultural identity” is how 1854’s Zoe Harrison describes the work of multimedia artist Tamiko Thiel. With a degree in Engineering from Stanford University, Mechanical Engineering from MIT, and Applied Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, it becomes clear that Thiel is no ordinary artist. Using her experiences in the digital world, Thiel produces work that blends technology and audience. Her latest exhibition, Lend Me Your Face!, currently showing at The Photographers Gallery, uses artificial intelligence to create participatory deep fakes, synthetic images capable of replacing a persons face with another. 

Here, Thiel explains how technology can be used to further understand the human experience, discussing past designs, as well as the role of Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality not just within the galley, but in modern life.