Indian Photo Festival 2020

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Indian Photo Festival, one of South Asia’s leading photography festivals, returns this November with a dynamic combination of online and offline events

With five editions behind it, Indian Photo Festival has brought worldwide recognition to the dynamic city of Hyderabad and is India’s longest running international photo festival. 

Amid the ongoing pandemic, Indian Photo Festival 2020 has adapted its programme to run largely online. Between 12 November and 13 December, esteemed photographers from over 60 countries will be participating in a compelling host of virtual artist talks, panels, workshops, portfolio reviews and more. Speakers include Siegfried Hansen, Raghu Rai, Marcus Cederberg, Gauri Gill and Aun Razna, and audiences can register to watch for free.

© Jim Naughten.
© Marie Hald.

In addition, an array of print exhibitions will be showing along the lush outer walking trail of KBR Park in the heart of Hyderabad, including Portrait of Humanity 2020 — the global portraiture award from 1854, and one of the largest-scale collaborative exhibitions in history. From the defiance of Greta Thunberg addressing the largest demonstration crowd in Canadian history to a quiet moment of fervent intimacy between a married couple of 60 years, the 30 images and two series offer a poignant exploration of what makes us human.

Other print exhibitions include Adam Wiseman’s Arquitectura Libre, exploring themes of migration through architecture; T Naryan’s From the Pandemic Frontlines, documenting the devastating impact of Covid-19 in India, and Federico Estol’s Shine Heroes, celebrating a dedicated community of anonymous shoe shiners in Bolivia’s capital city of La Paz.

© Federico Estol.
© Vikesh Kapoor.

Digital exhibitions will be showcased at the State Gallery of Art, Madhapur, alongside a number of virtual 3D exhibitions opening online. These include Women Street Photographers, recognising exceptional female street photographers from around the world; Julie Glassberg’s Bike Kill, documenting a rebel biker subculture made up of “misfits, outcasts and eccentrics”, and Jen Lasthein’s Meanwhile Across the Mountain, studying the harsh political reality of the Caucasus, a former Soviet state.

Portrait of Humanity 2020 is being shown at Indian Photo Festival from 12 November to 13 December 2020.

Address: State Art Gallery, Hyderabad, India

© T Narayan.
© Adam Wiseman.