1854 Presents: Frederick Paxton

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“It has a universality. Even if you don’t play football, or you have no interest in it, in a lot of cultures globally it has a context, and it has a relationship to those people.”

This week on 1854 Presents, Emmy-nominated filmmaker, photographer and artist Frederick Paxton unpacks Painted Lines, a project documenting football communities in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

In conversation with Creative Producer Zoe Harrison, Paxton discusses sport as a vehicle to understand society, and his approach to exploring complex issues within simple frameworks — like the heart and humanity of a country which is overwhelmingly represented in the West as a site of unrest.

Paxton was awarded a LUMIX S Series kit to shoot the project as part of the LUMIX Stories for Change initiative: a collaboration with British Journal of Photography that highlights photography’s power in driving positive change.

As you know, we believe photographers’ time is valuable. While this talk is free, Frederick has requested that donations for this talk goes to Acted (100% of donations go directly to Acted).