Hans Eijkelboom gets a major retrospective in The Hague

A major retrospective of the photography of Hans Eijkelboom is now on show at The Hague Museum of Photography, running until 07 January 2018.
Hans Eijkelboom: Identities 1970-2017, which has been organised in collaboration with Photographischen Sammlung and SK Stiftung Kultur in Cologne, includes work from the photographer entire career to date, including his well-known series comparing shoppers and their outfits, to his earlier conceptual work, which was exhibited alongside contemporaries such as Carl Andre, Robert Smithson and Ed Ruscha.
Eijkelboom has often featured in his own images, particularly in his early portraiture. In With My Family (1973), he altered family dynamics by playing with the role of father with different mothers and children; in his 2010 series, 10-Euro outfits, he posed wearing various outfits which had costs less than €10 each, questioning economics, poverty, and the place of consumerism in contemporary society.

Hans Eijkelboom, With my family, 1973
Hans Eijkelboom, A shower of rain, 1971
Hans Eijkelboom, Warschau, 1978
Perhaps his most famous series, Photo Note, presents collages of everyday people out shopping. The people depicted in each collage are wearing very similar outfits, making the images initially look like a comment on the loss of individuality; on closer inspection, each person has put their own stamp on the clothes, hinting at the persistence of each personality in our increasingly homogenous societies.
The accompanying catalogue, Hans Eijkelboom: Photo Concepts 1970-, presents more than 60 words, and is published in English, Dutch and German. It was recently nominated for the Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation Awards in the Photography Catalogue of the Year shortlist.
Hans Eijkelboom, Photo Note, 28 August 2016 Birmingham Bullring 2.00 – 5.00
Hans Eijkelboom, Photo Note, 27 August 2016 Birmingham Bullring 1.35 – 4.40
Hans Eijkelboom, Photo Note, 26 March 2016 Athene Ermou 1.00 – 3.50
Hans Eijkelboom, Photo Note 11 April 2009 Paris 16:00 – 17:30
Hans Eijkelboom, Photo Note 3 August 2013 Amsterdam Dam 13:40 – 16:00
Hans Eijkelboom, Photo Note, 23 October 2015 Amsterdam Dam – Damrak 12.20 – 2.30
Hans Eijkelboom, Photo Note 21 October 2006 Paris 16:00 – 17:30
Hans Eijkelboom, Photo Note, 25 June 2016 Den Haag Spuistraat-Venestraat 2.00 – 4.50
Hans Eijkelboom, Photo Note, 6 Februari 2016 Amsterdam Dam – Damrak 2.00 – 2.30
Hans Eijkelboom, Photo Note, 7 November 2007 Fifth Avenue New York 2.00 – 3.30
Hans Eijkelboom, Photo Note, 23 October 2015 Amsterdam Dam – Damrak 12.20 – 2.45