Getty names 2014 Grants for Editorial Photography [update]

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Five photojournalists will each receive a US$10,000 grant in Getty Images’ 10th Grants for Editorial Photography.

The 2014 recipients are:

Giulio di Sturco, a Reportage by Getty Images’ featured contributor, who receives an award for his body of work titled Ganges: Death of a River, documenting the demise of the Ganges River in India and examining its impact on the livelihoods of millions of people who live along its banks.

Juan Arredondo, whose portfolio Born in Conflict examines the effects of a 50-year conflict on the youth of Colombia, documenting the experiences of current and former child soldiers caught up in the ongoing war between The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and the National Liberation Army.


Jordi Busqué, for his award-winning portfolio, The Mennonites of Bolivia, which documents the lives of the Mennonites – a comparatively unknown religious community of European descent whose way of life has remained relatively unchanged since the 16th century – in the east of the country.

Krisanne Johnson, a Getty Images’ grant recipient in 2009, has been awarded a grant for South Africa’s Post-Apartheid Youth, a project that follows the lives of South African youth, twenty years after the beginning of a multiracial democracy in South Africa.

William Daniels has been awarded a grant for his CAR in Chaos body of work, which examines an unprecedented year of violence in the Central African Republic, which began in March 2013 when rebel coalition Séléka seized power.

Laura Boushnak receives a special grant in celebration of Getty Images’ partnership with organisation Lean In, for her work I Read I Write, which explores the education of women in the Middle East.

The US$10,000 grant was awarded on the occasion of the decade anniversary to a “photojournalist whose work explores subjects that showcase women in an empowering light,” says Getty Images.

Speaking about this year’s Grants for Editorial Photography recipients, Aidan Sullivan, vice president, photo assignments, editorial partnerships and development at Getty Images says: “The 2014 Getty Images Grants for Editorial Photography recipients illustrate the talent, passion and integrity that exemplify photojournalism and – after ten years of the grants, proves that photojournalism is alive and well. I am immensely proud of our grants programme and the work that has been brought to the world’s attention because of this.”

This year, Getty Images received 575 submissions from photographers in 89 countries.

The jury for the Editorial Grants programme featured David Furst, international picture editor at The New York Times; Teru Kuwayama, photo community manager at Facebook; Sarah Leen, director of photography at National Geographic Magazine; Jean-Francois Leroy, director general at Visa pour l’Image; and Amy Yenkin, director, documentary photography project at Open Society Foundations.

Founded in 2004, the Grants for Editorial Photography programme has to date awarded $1.2million to photojournalists worldwide. The programme is designed to provide emerging and established professional photojournalists with the financial means and editorial guidance to realise personal projects of journalistic significance.

“Imagery is the unrivalled language of our time and Getty Images is deeply committed to supporting the vision and passions of emerging and established photographers and other artists,” says Jonathan Klein, Getty Images’ co-founder and CEO, in a press statement. “Our global grants programme has spanned a decade and is the largest in the industry, yet each year’s entrants never fail to produce work that both inspires and profoundly moves us. I am extremely proud of the programme and offer my congratulations to our 2014 honourees and to the 80 outstanding recipients over the past 10 years.”

In addition to the Editorial Grants announcement, Getty Images also named the recipients of its two US$20,000 annual Creative Grants, which are awarded to a photographer or filmmaker and agency partner to cover costs as they work together to create compelling new imagery and/or video for a nonprofit of their choice.

This year’s recipients of the Getty Images Creative Grants are: Robin Hammond for Love in a time of persecution, in collaboration with Bring Me Joy and The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission; and photographers Susan Carlonza Chanin and Rana Faure, and filmmaker Poppy de Villeneuve, in partnership with the Project Buchanan agency and not-for-profit RAINN.

Hammond’s project aims to raise awareness of the plight of LGBT communities in Africa, which are persecuted and forced into hiding, while Chanin, Faure and de Villeneuve will produce a short film highlighting the widespread nature of child abuse, rape and sexual violence in the US.

An additional US$20,000 Creative Grant has been awarded to Joshua Kristal, in collaboration with The Inspired Storyteller Collective and Girls Gotta Run, a non-profit organisation that invests in girls who use running and education to empower themselves and their communities.

British photographer Jack Davison, who was one of BJP’s ‘Ones to Watch’ earlier this year, was awarded the Contour by Getty Images Portrait Prize. Now in its second year, the US$10,000 grant recognises excellence in portrait photography by an emerging photographer with less than five years industry experience.

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