In the gallery


In the Gallery with: Emilie Démon

Established in Johannesburg in 2005, Afronova became the first African gallery to show Malian master photographer Malick Sidibé in 2007 and Mozambican photojournalist Ricardo Rangel in 2008

23 November 2021

In the Gallery with Miranda Salt

Established in Paris in 2018, Galerie Miranda aims to champion artists who are celebrated in their own country, but little known in Europe. Here, its founder shares her story

2 August 2021

In the Gallery with: Bene Taschen

Established in Cologne in 2011, Galerie Bene Taschen has represented some of the world’s leading image-makers, including Larry Fink, David LaChapelle and Jamel Shabazz

5 July 2021

In the Gallery with: Brian Clamp

Devoted to the photographic preservation of LGBTQ+ history, the founder of ClampArt has exhibited and represented a broad array of artists for over two decades. Here he shares his story, process, and advice for emerging artists

4 June 2021