Izabela Radwanska Zhang

Starting out as an intern back in 2016, Izabela Radwanska Zhang is now the Editorial Director of British Journal of Photography in print and online. Her words have appeared in Disegno and Press Association. Prior to this, she completed a MA in Magazine Journalism at City University, London, and most recently, a Postgrad Certificate in Graphic Design at London College of Communication.

Kin Coedel’s ode to Tibet’s yak-yarn craft artists

For centuries, the yak and the Tibetan people have shared an inseparable bond. Kin Coedel tells the story of a nomadic community who stayed true to their traditions when China’s rapidly growing economy threatened Tibet’s way of life

14 July 2023

Zineb Sedira and the sea

Zineb Sedira’s ‘obsession’ with the sea manifests in a personal and political exhibition exploring its symbolism, from geopolitical issues to migration and identity

25 April 2023