1854 Presents: James Gerrard-Jones, Sophie Ebrard, and Louise Hagger in partnership with Le Book

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18 alumni from our first round of Fast Track are being represented at LE BOOK 
Coast to Coast in North America on Thursday 29 July. If you’re an unsigned photographer, and want to have your work championed amongst global brand directors, advertising agencies and industry figures this September, enter Fast Track Vol. 2 now.

The last decade has seen a major shift in commercial photography. A keen eye, innovative style and artistic practice have all become part of the industry, as we witness a move towards non-commercial photographers working within marketing projects.

Hosted by writer, editor and curator Tom Seymour, 1854 presents collaborates with the global photographic network Le Book, instigating new discussions exploring the contemporary photography industry. Today, Wyatt-Clarke & Jones Managing Director James Gerrard-Jones explores the changing face of marketing photography with Sophie Ebrard and Louise Hagger, two photographers that have successfully navigated the art-editorial-marketing world. Wyatt-Clarke & Jones specialises in bringing an artistic eye to the commercial scene, and in this event, the three reflect on the relationship between photographer and agent, discussing how to garner attention, what to look for in representation, and how agencies have developed to fit new markets. These themes align with Le Book’s upcoming Coast to Coast CONNECTIONS event, a major event built to connect industry professionals.