Pictures for Purpose returns, this time raising funds to combat the climate crisis

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Dana Lixenberg, Jack Davison and Stephen Gill are among the list of artists donating works

Pictures for Purpose first launched in 2020 to aid those affected by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, raising over €200,000 in two weeks for the Dutch Food Bank. Now, the print sale returns with a new goal, new artists, and a new global issue: the climate crisis. 

Launched on 07 June and running until the 21 June, the print sale will raise funds for the NGO Justdiggit, an organisation working to “re-green” dry lands across Africa. By applying a nature-based solution, it aims to reverse global warming, cooling the planet down through re-wilding. Justdiggit is a partner of the United Nations environmental programme, collaborating on their decade-long plan to prevent, halt, and reverse the heating and destruction of ecosystems across the planet.

© Alexandra Leese, Heads in the Sky, Du’an, 2019.

“We really wanted to offer a win-win situation, allowing people to support an initiative they believed in and receive a beautiful print by a great artist in return,” explains co-founder Isabella van Marle. “We also realised that Pictures for Purpose can function as a platform for artists, whose works bridge so many different themes and perspectives. We know that artists have the power to create awareness through their work, shedding light on important social questions; whilst the medium of photography remains an ideal tool with which to inspire, connect and implement change.”

© Rob Woodcox, The Tower, 2019.

“Over the last year, we’ve seen the incredible power of print sale fundraisers,” explains Max Miechowski, one of the participating photographers. “As artists, we care deeply for other people and the environment, but often feel lost about what we can do to affect any real change. These fundraisers have been a great and practical way for us to come together as a community and contribute to important causes.”

The sale includes work donated by 36 artists, such as Alexandra Leese, Jack Davison, Stephen Gill, Tania Franco Klein, Gregory Halpern, Bharat Sikka, and Rose Marie Cromwell

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