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Issue #7899: Family

Reading Time: 2 minutes Our latest issue is dedicated to those we hold most dear, as we speak to photographers who each explore their personal relationships with family

21 October 2020

Kasaragod Boys by Vivek Vadoliya

Reading Time: 4 minutes Vivek Vadoliya studies the colourful Freakers, a subculture of boys in Kerala, India, who are forging their identity via their smartphones

21 May 2019

New magazine Clove puts the spotlight on South Asian creativity

Reading Time: 4 minutes Launched on 11 December, a brand new biannual, Clove, has a refreshing take on art and culture. Founded by London-based, British-Indian journalist Debika Ray, the magazine focuses on creative work from South Asia and its global diaspora. “My impression was always that, in Western media, there was a narrow frame of reference when it came to covering parts of the world beyond North America and Europe,” says Ray, who until recently was senior editor at the architecture and design magazine Icon. “Stories from South Asia or the Middle East are often handled in a distant way, focusing on problems or crises and how people battle against odds to overcome things. I wanted to tell stories from those parts of the world in a way that were instead built on their own merit.”

15 December 2017