1854 Presents: Ana Maria Guerra on documenting the Anthropocene

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Multimedia artist Ana Maria Guerra shares how she started her coral-conscious photo series Future Fossils.

How can photography link science to society? How can we use 3D printing to help our coral reefs? What is Anthropencene, and what does it mean for the world around us? These are all questions answered and investigated by multimedia artist Ana Maria Guerra. In this online event, 1854’s Presents’ Zoe Harrison interviews the artist, who talks us through her project Future Fossils. Blending both dead and living coral through photogrammetric digital mapping, the artist investigates the future of the marine environment in the face of human interference, technology, and scientific development, both good and bad.

Future Fossils in an attempt to question the role of science in a changing world. To create the project, Guerra collaborated with marine biologists, using digital scans of coral reefs, along with her own photographs of collected specimens. Guerra’s projects chart the history of photography within both cultural and scientific fields, and in this talk and beyond, hopes to bridge the gap between the two.

Isaac Huxtable

Isaac Huxtable joined the British Journal of Photography in October 2020, where he is currently the Editorial Assistant. Prior to this, he studied a BA in History of Art at the Courtauld Instititue of Art, London.