1854 Presents: Jack Latham on his Creative Process and Photographing “Perception”

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The winner of BJP’s 2019 International Photography Award, Jack Latham, goes behind the scenes of his documentary photobooks. 

In the first ever instalment of 1854 Presents, Simon Bainbridge, editorial director of British Journal of Photography, speaks with Bristol-based photographer Jack Latham about his two photobooks: Sugar Paper Theories and Parliament of Owls. Explaining his fascination with photographing “perception” and the many versions of truth, Latham details the creative process behind his photography. 

Throughout the conversation, Latham tours the many objects on his desk, from comic books to fake dollar bills, explaining how each item informed his process and project. Latham takes us on a journey from Iceland to California, cataloguing his extensive research and documentary-style approach to photography. For Latham, the central goal is “to find the role of photography within the subject matter”: all of his work unravels from this point onwards. In addition to these projects, Latham and Bainbridge discuss photography in the time of the coronavirus, creative influences, and photobook publishing.

Jack Latham