Fiona Rogers' Best of 2017

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Megan Doherty’s Instagram feed
I love Megan’s feed and that fact you can’t define her photography. Part observer, part participator, and mixing fashion, incidental and personal work, Megan’s life imitates art and visa versa.
Sanne De Wilde’s Island of the Colorblind
I was blown away by the originality of both Sanne’s book (with its amazing colour-changing UV cover!) and her installation at Arles this summer. Beautiful prints presented alongside lightboxes and an incredible interactive film made this a rare and unusual visual treat.
Modern Ornithologies, group show curated by Rodrigo Orrantia
This exquisite exhibition was the highlight for me at this year’s Format Festival. Orrantia presents a range of photographers and their bird-themed projects; from Stephen Gill’s secret life of pigeons, to Cemre Yeşil & Maria Sturm’s collaboration For Birds’ Sake, a poetic portrayal of the birdmen of Istanbul. Positioned around the historic Pickford House, the works are located in vitrines alongside the museum pieces, mimicking these precious objects.
Sophie Calle at the Musée De la Chasse
My standout favourite exhibition this year, Calle weaves her magic throughout the incredible setting that is the Musee De la Chasse. Invited to create artistic ‘interventions’, the result is an impressive and ambitious takeover, with every inch of the museum oozing Calle’s quirky charm. There are owl masks on the ceiling, photographs peeking out of drawers, a deer in a red dress and more curiosity cabinets than you can shake a stick at. The whole thing balances wonderfully between fiction and reality.
MFON: Women Photographers of the African Diaspora
Currently in a fundraising stage, I’m eagerly awaiting the release of this impressive and important book which collates the work of 100 female photographers of African descent. 2017 has certainly been a year of deep questioning about representation, agency and identity and this publication is both timely and much needed.