Daniel Blau 5 Under 30 exhibition enters final days

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The competition, now in its second year, recognises emerging photographers under the age of 30. This year’s winners are: Matan Ashkenazy, Oliver Eglin, Daewoong Kim, Ruidi Mu, and Sofia Valiente.

Matan Ashkenazy documents the physical border areas between Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Lichtenstein and France, while in his series Markings Oliver Eglin photographs Ficus macrophylla trees in Sicily that have been engraved by visitors.

Royal College of Art graduate Daewoong Kim explores his Korean identity and family ties by photographing items of food, while Ruidi Mu makes images of calabash, a vine, which is an ancient symbol of health and luck in Chinese culture.

Sofia Valiente documents life in Miracle Village, an impoverished area of Palm Beach County, Florida.

“We strongly believe that young photographers need to be supported, as they are the future of this marvellous discipline,” says a spokesperson from Daniel Blau. “We organise this annual competition in order to help emerging artists gain recognition through our gallery.

“The standard of work this year has been great. We received many submissions and it was difficult to select only five, but finally we chose these projects. From still life, to portraits and landscapes, this is a very diverse show.”

A selection of work by the winning photographers is on show at Daniel Blau gallery in London until 31 July.

For more information visit www.5under30.com.

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