Tag: Berlin

On Location: Berlin

Reading Time: 4 minutes For decades, Berlin has been a magnet for artists and creatives, and today boasts a vibrant photography scene bursting with galleries, museums, exhibitions, project spaces and studios. Berlin-based journalist Alice Finney picks out some of the highlights

22 January 2021

Inside Studio Stauss

Reading Time: 7 minutes We visit Studio Stauss in Berlin, “a laboratory for documentary photography”

14 October 2019

Three decades of Berlin club culture

Reading Time: 4 minutes No Photos on the Dancefloor!, a new exhibition opening at C/O Berlin, charts the evolution of Berlin club culture from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the present day

5 September 2019

Thirsty, then boosted

Reading Time: 3 minutes What happens when you put a white flower in a vase of coloured water? It’s an experiment some of us might fondly remember from our childhood, magically transforming a bunch of flowers with a dash of food colouring.

But the results are a little more frightening in a similar experiment by French artist Cornelius de Bill Baboul, as his flowers suck the colour out of sugary energy drinks. “I think they look a little bit like dancers,” he says. “Like kids on ecstasy in a techno club celebrating the end of the world”.

10 January 2019

Best of 2018: Emilie Lauriola, Le Bal Books

Reading Time: 3 minutes The director of the respected bookshop in Paris’ Le Bal gallery picks out her favourite photography and projects, including Joanna Piotrowska’s Frantic

27 December 2018

La Vertigine by Federico Clavarino

Reading Time: 4 minutes “It was a moment where I could step out of my ordinary and rather boring existence, and shape it into something different,” says Federico Clavarino, who’s photographs from his foundational years at Blank Paper in Madrid are now published as a book

13 December 2018