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Any Answers: Ingrid Pollard

“People always assume my work is about the landscape – about Black people in the landscape. They try to push whatever I do into that small subject area. There is little close observation of what is actually in the photograph”

1 December 2021

Shine on, Shine Heroes

Federico Estol empowers the vilified shoeshiners of La Paz, Bolivia, turning their working lives into a fictional tale of superheroes

20 March 2020

Theo Deproost’s Still Works

“I am drawn to the details and the things that you would often pass by,” says the photographer, whose surreal still lifes monumentalise the materials of knife-maker Stuart Mitchell’s trade

11 March 2020

Any Answers: Chris Boot

This month, editor, publisher, and executive director at Aperture Foundation Chris Boot reflects on his life and career

24 February 2020

Black Shade Projects

A new exhibition platform offers an education in the history of the black female gaze with unseen images from Mali’s forgotten studio photographers

10 February 2020