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Bill Brandt/Henry Moore

A new book and exhibition plots the parallel and sometimes converging careers of two eminent British artists

6 February 2020

The Community by Eli Durst

In the bland spaces
of suburban church basements, Eli Durst finds people searching for purpose and meaning through their communal activities

18 December 2019

Creative Brief: Beth Wilkinson

For this month’s creative brief, we speak to Beth Wilkinson, founder of Lindsay magazine: “The goal is to capture the real world through a curious and artisanal lens”

15 November 2019

Edgar Martins: Inside Out

Edgar Martins’ latest two-part book contemplates the emotional impact of incarceration on prisoners and their families

30 October 2019

Any Answers: Tom Wood

The self-trained photographer moved to Liverpool in the late 1970s, gaining the moniker of the “photie man” as he obsessively recorded working- class life

28 October 2019