Help Ukraine: Resources, fundraisers, print sales and more

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From fundraisers, news outlets and print sales, to photographers to follow for verified information, here is a list of resources to help understand the war and support the people of Ukraine

On 24 February 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. One week later, the invasion is still ongoing as Russian troops continue their attack despite being met with powerful resistance from Ukraine. At the time of writing, more than one million people have fled the country, and hundreds of civilians are believed to have been killed. 

Here, we publish a growing list of resources – from helpful reading, to fundraisers, news outlets, and photographers worth following for verified information. It is by no means a definitive list; we will continue to update the information over the comings weeks. If you have any additional resources, suggestions or comments to share, please send them to

Print Sales

Fast Forward have launched a print sale with Ukrainian women artists.

Solidarity Prints: Internationally renowned photographers have come together to support the NGO Artists at Risk; a non-profit organisation that collaborates with arts NGOs and government funders to assist artists who are at risk politically and fleeing oppression and war.

Catherine Losing has teamed up with Ooze Papers, launching a print sale on now until 24 March. All profits going to Voices of Children a charity providing both psychological and practical support to children in Ukraine.

SLAVA UKRAINI! In connection with their recent exhibition of 24 Ukrainian artists and photographers including Valentine Bo, Elena Subach, Daniel Kotliar, Yulia Krivich and Anton Shebetko, Czwartek gallery in Warsaw has launched a sale of 100 limited editions prints. They are raising donations for Ukrainian victims of war.

Aria Shahrokhshahi has joined forces with @thephotoparlour and @takeiteasylab . He is selling 2 x prints with all profits donated to humanitarian aid in Ukraine. 

Emma Hardy is selling c-type hand prints of flower images made in her garden in 2017. Each print is £100 and 100% of proceeds will be donated via @oliahercules

Photoprintday: Set up by Jim Mortram, on 04 March the twitter-based platform invites photographers to sell prints starting at 10£$€. Profits to be donated to agreed charity of choice.

JJ Lorenzo’s prints of images taken around Ukraine are on sale for £150 + £5 shipping costs until 10 March. All profits will be donated to the British Red Cross, Sunflower of Peace, United Help Ukraine and Voices of Children. 

Have a Butchers launched their print sale on 03 March, in association with Hempstead May & May Print, with all profits going to British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal. All Prints £50. The fine art prints will be made on Hahnamühle Lustre Paper at 10 x 8 with £5 of costs going towards production.

Ukrainian Women Photographers Organization has organised an NFT sale via Open Sea, with proceeds donated to help the Ukrainian army and displaced people.

Sarah Boris has launched a screenprint, with proceeds donated to UNICEF Ukraine. 

Jörg Colberg is selling risograph prints from his book Vaterland, with proceeds donated to CARE’s Ukraine Crisis Fund. A set of five numbered and signed prints is $75 + shipping costs if international (outside USA).

Neu Workshop has launched a print sale of work made in Ukraine, priced at 50€ including shipping.

Darwin Studio have teamed up with Metro Imaging. They are selling six images with a limited print run of 20 prints per image. All prints are £50, and proceeds will be donated to War Child.

Wildlife photographer Viktoria Pezzei is selling her fine art prints, with 100% profits from the sales donated to Aktion Deutschland Hilft and VETO.

Tommy Sussex has launched a second edition sale of his book, Our Sincere Toils (2015). The book contains images of the so-called Revolution of Dignity and life in Ukraine in 2014. The books are £20 + shipping, and all profits will be donated to


Choose Love Ukraine Appeal

British Red Cross Ukraine Appeal

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)

Save the Children

United Help Ukraine: Nonprofit volunteer organisation currently fundraising to provide emergency medical aid and humanitarian relief to those on the front lines. A list of resources put together by Ukrainians, including verified fundraisers and useful information.

The Rory Peck Trust’s Crisis Fund provides grants to help journalists with temporary relocation and accommodation, as well as safety kits including flak jackets, helmets etc.

News & Information

Kyiv Independent is an English-language news outlet based in Ukraine. You can support the Kyiv Independent on Patreon or GoFundMe. Follow on Twitter for regular updates. 

The Ukraine Crisis Media Centre published a guide to the appropriate language to use when talking about the conflict.

Donbas Frontliner is an independent platform run by Andriy Dubchak, sharing media, images and stories about people living and fighting in Donbas. You can support them via Patreon

Seven ways to spot fake photographs in Ukraine via Art Newspaper

Russia and Ukraine Conflict: Black people face racism while attempting to flee ongoing war via Stylist

Ukraine war photojournalist Wolfgang Schwan: ‘My picture of Olena is terrible to look at but had to be taken’ via The Independent

Protestors gather outside the Russian embassy – in photos via Huck 

In Ukraine, daily life in the face of war via The New Yorker

Ukrainian Women’s Magazines Are Telling Them How To Give Birth Alone in a Bomb Shelter via Grazia

War Diary: Sixteen days in Ukraine via New York Magazine

“We packed fast”: Those who left Ukraine in their own words via The Financial Times

Other useful resources

Matt Wiley has designed a special typeface, LT2 Stencil, with 100% of profits going to the UNHCR emergency fund for Ukraine

Ukrainecast is a daily news podcast from the BBC.

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest has opened its campus to refugees fleeing from Ukraine, and invites refugee design and art students to join @momebudapest ongoing courses. It will also grant scholarships to refugee students for programmes starting September 2022. Find out more information via the university website.

If you have any additional resources, suggestions or comments to share, please send them to