1854 Presents: Garrett Grove on the poetics of America

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Returning to discuss his new work, Grove explores how his project hopes to bridge the gaps of a divided nation

One of the two photographers chosen for Shoot the Sequel: Then and Now America, Grove returns to 1854 Presents in order to discuss his latest project, in which he searches for the complexities behind his home state of Washington, as well as the wider world of America.

After a year of lockdown and Covid-19 restrictions, Groves signature style can be felt through this new work, commissioned in collaboration with MPB. Working in mostly rural locations, Groves’ work hopes to document the changing landscapes of a nation. “A rural location is definitely where I feel home,” he explains. “It allows for a deeper understanding.”

Incorporating geography in order to tell stories of its eastern/western inhabitants, Grove documents a state famous for its divisions, exploring the length of state and those who live within it.

Garrett Grove



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Isaac Huxtable

Isaac Huxtable joined the British Journal of Photography in October 2020, where he is currently the Editorial Assistant. Prior to this, he studied a BA in History of Art at the Courtauld Instititue of Art, London.