Gaze: The bilingual magazine celebrating female perspectives

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The Franco-English publication focuses on both intimate and political experiences of womanhood, featuring photography by Carrie Mae Weems, Elena Helfrecht, Lucile Boiron, and more

“You don’t need a degree in gender studies, or certificate in feminism to read these pages, you only need to be curious to look through someone else’s eyes,” writes Clarence Edgard-Rosa, in the introduction to the inaugural issue of Gaze, a new bi-annual, bi-lingual magazine, written in French and English. “Someone younger or older, a woman whose life is very different, or on the contrary, echoes yours. The women you will read do not all agree with each other, and for the best.”

Its vibrant pages house a range of voices and projects, focusing on a diverse array of intimate and political experiences of womanhood. Lucile Boiron’s tactile images of skin and flesh, for example, celebrate life, death, and the ambiguous, abstract space between. We are also introduced to a collection of portraits from The Womanhood Project by Cassandra Cacheiro and Sara Hini, an intimate and personal exploration of a journey to self-love. Further on, Carrie Mae Weems’ timeless self-portraits from her 1990s project, The Kitchen Table Series, ruminate on intimate psychological moments in the context of a traditionally female domain.

Outside of photography, Gaze features interviews with female creatives such as Afro-feminist director and author Amandine Gay, and sex positive performer Annie Sprinkle. Future issues will continue to feature both commissioned and existing work, including essays and stories, and a regular column in which a female contributor pensa love-letter to herself.

Gaze #1 is available to purchase here.

Marigold Warner

Marigold Warner joined the British Journal Photography in April 2018, and currently holds the position of Online Editor. She studied English Literature and History of Art at the University of Leeds, followed by an MA in Magazine Journalism from City, University of London. Her work has been published by titles including the Telegraph Magazine, Huck, Gal-dem, Disegno, and the Architects Journal.