1854 Presents: Max Riché

Reading Time: < 1 minute

1854 Media’s Zoe Harrison interviews environmentalist, artist and documentarian Max Riché as he talks through his projects in this installment of 1854 presents. Riché’s work begins with Climate Heroes, a multimedia project championing  those fighting climate change across the world. Riché also explores his latest projects, such as the ongoing series Paradise.

In this conversation, Riché explains the importance of working with scientists to document the changing environment, as well as his own artistic process. In his latest project, Riche travelled to the Californian town of Paradise, where the 2018 wildfire killed eighty-six people, as well as destroying 95 percent of the town’s buildings. Now, the remaining 5000 residents have stayed in order to rebuild their homes. Touching on

themes of hubris, loss, human limitations and hope, Riche explains the importance of art in the fight against climate change, and how photography can become a tool of investigation, as well as inspiration.

As you know, we believe photographers’ time is valuable. While this talk is free, Frederick has requested that donations for this talk goes to Climate Heroes  (100% of donations go directly to Climate Heroes ).