1854 Presents: Viktoria Sorochinski on Photographing Fantasy and Reality

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The Ukrainian-born photographer, Viktoria Sorochinski, explores new self-portraiture and past international projects

In conversation with 1854 Media’s Zoe Harrison, artist-photographer Viktoria Sorochinski discusses her most recent projects, INsideOUTside and Poltava Neverland. Sorochinski photographed INsideOUTside in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, using little outside of her own body and a single-room studio. Playing with light and shadow, colour, and found objects, Sorochinski’s lockdown photographs are spontaneous and explorative. Sorochinski, who hadn’t photographed herself in over 10 years, shared her work through Instagram, inviting her audience to be part of the project as it unravelled.

In this engaging instalment of 1854 Presents, Sorochinski also describes her experience photographing the Ukrainian region, Poltava, for Poltava Neverland. Swiping through a slideshow of selected images, Sorochinski invites us into the magic and mythology of the city. The two go on to talk about Sorochinski’s photography workshops, what goes on behind the scenes of her images, and what drives her to create work.