Just Pictures, curated by Antwaun Sargent

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A new exhibition presents a cohort of photographers working in the intersection of fine art, fashion photography, and social commentary

“For this generation of emerging image-makers, the photographer’s eye is illimitable: a picture is just a picture,” writes Antwaun Sargent, curator of a new exhibition opening at projects+gallery in St Louis, Missouri, this Thursday. Just Pictures features the work of Arielle Bobb-WillisYagazie EmeziJoshua KissiMous LamrabatRenell MedranoRuth OssaiJustin Solomon and Joshua Woods — photographers who work in the intersection of fine art, fashion photography, and social commentary.

In 2019, Sargent published The New Black Vanguard (2019), a book that explores what it means to be a contemporary young black photographer, creating work and thinking about blackness. Much in the same vein, Just Pictures presents a cohort of photographers whose work belongs just as in museums as they do in fashion magazines and social media feeds. Crucially, their work is inspired by an urge to show life as they find it — something that has hitherto been missing.

In a statement provided by the gallery, Sargent describes these artists as: “Image-makers who are working between the commercial and conceptual, by creating worlds entirely their own; photographers who set their gazes on rethinking the possibility of photography by embracing its boundary-blurring potential, which allows the images to address desire, beauty and being.”

Just Pictures will be on show at projects+gallery in St. Louis, Missouri, rom 10 September until 21 November 2020.