Portrait of Britain 2020: The winners

View the 200 shortlisted and 100 winning images

In the wake of Brexit and the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, Portrait of Britain 2020 compiles a vibrant record of modern Britain at a momentous time in our history.

Set to comprise one of the largest exhibitions of contemporary portrait photography ever held, the winning portraits have been selected by industry-leading judges including Simon Bainbridge, Editorial Director of British Journal of Photography, Martin Usbourne, co-founder of Hoxton Mini Press and Parveen Narowalia, Digital Picture Editor at British Vogue.

The exhibition will launch on JCDecaux UK’s nationwide network of digital Out-of-Home screens on 1 September, displaying the 100 winning images for one month throughout rail stations, shopping malls, high streets, bus shelters and beyond. The 200 shortlisted images will be published in the Portrait of Britain book, Vol. 3, published by Hoxton Mini Press and distributed worldwide from 1 October.

“I hope my portrait can help audiences see that Black Dreams Matter, and inclusive representation can inspire future generations — which benefits everyone. To win is a great feeling… Hopefully, it inspires young photographers from a similar background to me to keep pushing forward”

Brunel Johnson, Portrait of Britain 2020 Winner

From Brunel Johnson’s powerful portrait of a Black Lives Matter protester to Andrew Testa’s heart-warming profile shot of Captain Tom Moore —  Julia Fullerton-Batten’s record of daily life in lockdown to Byron Hamzah’s celebration of the resilience of British healthcare workers — the selection of work sews a rich tapestry of our nation’s people in the face of immense struggle.

View the 200 shortlisted and 100 winning images

©Byron Hamzah


“As a photographer that is also a healthcare professional, I wanted to illustrate a different side of my profession; one beyond that of an institution under siege and beleaguered. In my winning image, I wanted to show that even in such difficult times, there is still resilience, hope, pride and optimism within us. It is these characteristics within all healthcare workers that uphold the NHS as the beacon it is for a better future”

Byron Hamzah, Portrait of Britain 2020 Winner

©Julia Fullerton-Batten


“Since the end of WWII, Britain has been through a sustained and accelerated period of change. Our society is barely recognisable, and in many ways, Britain is now at a crossroad. Portrait of Britain is the microscope that helps us see more clearly what kind of nation we’ve grown into”

Julia Fullerton-Batten, Portrait of Britain 2020 Winner

©Slater King


“Portrait of Britain 2020 is a chance for us to step back and understand where we are and who we are. So much of this year has been one of turmoil, anxiety and loss — but at the same time, there are so many of us working for others, making the world a better place, and living our lives from a place of generosity and courage. Portrait of Britain is like a vaccine against division and hate”

Slater King, Portrait of Britain 2020 Winner

View the 200 shortlisted and 100 winning images

View the 200 shortlisted and 100 winning images

Shortlist 2020

Adem Aydın
Alex Lambert
Amanda Eatwell
Angelo Formato
Anthea Spivey
Barney Maguire
Benedict Stenning
Cath Muldowney
Catherine Jaskowiak
Chanel Irvine
Angelo Formato
Anthea Spivey
Barney Maguire
Benedict Stenning
Cath Muldowney
Catherine Jaskowiak
Chanel Irvine
Charly Richards
Dan Wood
David Kennedy

Dominic Manderson
Emma Booth
Finn Taylor
Francesca Jones
Francisco Gomez-Villaboa
Freddie Payne
Babe Studio
Garrod Kirkwood
Greg Turner
Hannah Burton
Harley Bainbridge
Imogen Forte
Jerome Favre
Joanne Banks
Joe Habben
John Gurung
John Mannell
Jooney Woodward
Joseph-Philippe Bevillard
Josh Greet

Joyce Nicholls
Justine Desmond
Karen Block
Laura Ashman
Lauren Forster
Leigh and Isy Anderson
Lewis Brymner
Liz Seabrook
Luke Blackall
Marianne van Loo
Mark Cocksedge
Mia Clark
Mia Palmer
Michal Dzierza
Ngoc Phan
Niall Miller
Nicola Stead
Nicolas Laborie
Oscar Yoosefinejad
Polly Alderton

Robert Darch
Robert Kiernander
Ron Dekker
Sally Low
Sam Bennett
Sandra Mickiewicz
Sarah Burton
Scott Freeman
Sebastian Barros
Sophie Jones
Steve Fuller
Steven Hatton
Tamara Peel
Terry Thomas
Toby Binder
Tom Keen
Viktorija Grigorjevaite
Vivek Vadoliya
William Mulryne
Zoe Ranford

Winners 2020

Andy Quinn
Adrian Lambert
Aga Andrews
Alan Powdrill
Alex Ingram
Alexander Beer
Alun Callender
Amit Lennon
Andrew Testa
Annie Bungeroth
Anselm Ebulue
Antony Sojka
Barry Falk
Becky Tyrrell
Ben Brooks
Brunel Johnson
Byron Hamzah
Charlie Clift
Charlie Forgham-Bailey
Charlotte Robinson
Conor O’Leary
Curtis Hughes
Dan Tsantilis
Danny Kasirye

Dave Watts
Diana Hagues
Douglas Kurn
Elliot Caunce
Evelyn Bencicova
George Coppock
Gillian Morton
Hugh Fox
Jason Dimmock
Jason Hynes
Joanna Hughes
Joanne Coates
Jon Attenborough
Jonathan Perugia
Jörg Meier
Jorge López Muñoz
Joss Matthews
Julia Fullerton-Batten
Juliet Klottrup
Kate Abbey
Kate Peters
Kavi Pujara
Kenny Mccracken
Kevin Percival

Kristina Varaksina
Leon Csernohlavek
Liam Arthur
Lizzi Mills
Lloyd Wright
Luke Purdye
Marc Davenant
Mark Taylor
Marta Kochanek
Mat Hay
Megan Jepson
Michael Cockerham
Michael Wharley
Michelle Sank
Miriam Ali
Morgan Shaw
Naomi Goddard
Nirish Shakya
Nyla Sammons
Olivier Richomme
Pamela Harridine
Paolina Stadler
Pascal Vossen
Paul Craig

Paul Roberts
Phil Melia
Phil Sharp
Rachel Rimell
Ranald Mackechnie
Raphaël Neal
Rory Lewis
Rosalind Furlong
Rupert Stockwin
Sam Gregg
Scarlet Page
Silvia Rosi
Simon Murphy
Simona Ciocarlan
Slater King
Sofia Conti
Sophie Harris-Taylor
Sue Williamson
Theo McInnes
Thomas Griffiths
Tim Fisher
Wendy Carrig
William Michell
Yask Desai