100 photographs for Bergamo

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It’s your last chance to buy a stunning print, and support medics in virus-stricken Bergamo

Adam Broomberg, Alec Soth, Ami Vitali, George Georgiou, Michael Ackerman, Paolo Pellegrin, Susan Meiselas and Vanessa Winship are among the hundred photographers who have donated prints to a fundraiser that has so far collected more than half a million euros in support of medics fighting the coronavirus in Northern Italy.

They, together with dozens more photographers, artists and visual journalists, are supporting an initiative – begun by Milan-based community magazine, Perimetro, Linke lab, which is doing all the printing, and the NGO, LiveInSlums – the proceeds of which will go to a hospital in Bergamo, the city with the highest number of victims since the start of the epidemic.

“Through  our community, we can support those who are bravely on the front lines to fight this sanitary emergency,” says Perimetro. “We asked 100 authors of the world of photography, from fashion to art, architecture or portraits, to donate one of their works. By buying them, you will help us to strengthen the intensive care unit of the Pope John XXIII Hospital in Bergamo.”

The sale, which began with 100 Italian photographers, raised €350,000 in five days. They’ve now added 50 international photographers. All prints are priced €100. The sale ends midnight today, Central European Time.