Calling all female-identifying photographers!

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In 2018, the English Football Association reported that there were just under 2.5 million female football players in England, making football the top participation sport for women and girls in the country. And that number has only continued to grow. From friendly, five-a-sides to professional league games, the pastime provides a space for people to come together and form tight-knit communities both on and off the pitch.

Many of us experience these groups as observers – sat in the crowd at a match; strolling past a local pitch; catching a game on TV. Rarely do we have the opportunity to hear the stories behind the teams, or to learn about the backgrounds of individual players.

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The adidas Breaking Barriers commission aims to change this. It will award one female-identifying photographer £10,000 to create a new body of work exploring women’s football clubs in the capital. Accompanied by a British Journal of Photography journalist, the selected photographer will spend time with a number of different teams to create a narrative-led series around them. From exploring the group dynamics of each club to understanding the experiences and motivations of individual members, and the positive role that football plays in their lives.

The commission is organised by Studio 1854 – the award-winning visual content agency of British Journal of Photography. Studio 1854’s in-house creative team will collaborate with the selected photographer on the project from conception to completion. Ahead of the commission start-date, Studio 1854 will cast a range of London-based women’s football clubs to be featured. The project will then run for two weeks from 24 May to 09 June 2019.

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The adidas Breaking Barriers commission is a collaboration between adidas and British Journal of Photography, which aims to celebrate female talent. The project brings together adidas’ She Breaks Barriers initiative, which inspires and enables the next generation of female athletes, creators, and leaders, and Female in Focus – a new award from British Journal of Photography that seeks to celebrate exceptional female-identifying photographers.

The commission is open to all Female in Focus entrants and all female-identifying photographers registered on 1854 Commissions. The resulting body of work and accompanying editorial will be published across British Journal of Photography, Female in Focus, and adidas’ channels.

Studio 1854 is currently casting for this commission. If you are part of a small, London-based female football team with a unique story, or know someone who is, get in touch at

Apply for the commission here today!

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The adidas Breaking Barriers commission is a Studio 1854 commission organised in collaboration with adidas. Please click here for more information about 1854 Commissions.