Get inspired, get seen and get paid with our new 1854 Access membership

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We are delighted to unveil our new memberships platform, 1854 Access. For the first time, photography lovers will have the opportunity to become fully involved with every aspect of 1854 Media. With benefits spanning our editorial, awards and commercial platforms, 1854 Access is an essential tool for anyone who is serious about photography.

Members can choose between Full Access or Digital Access memberships. The former includes a print subscription to British Journal of Photography, the world’s longest-established and leading authority on contemporary photography. Full Access members will receive our beautifully crafted and multi award-winning magazine delivered to their door every month, and each edition will come with an exclusive, collectable cover – a perk just for our members and subscribers. Both Full Access and Digital Access members can also enjoy an ad-free digital subscription to British Journal of Photography, meaning they can get the latest stories on their mobile or tablet, on the go. This includes more than five years of back issues from the archive, so members can start building their collection right away.

With free entry of up to 10 images to each of our five awards, members will also be able to take full advantage of our extensive awards programme, which is constantly evolving; our most recent addition is Female in Focus, an exciting new award celebrating exceptional photography by women. Our other awards include OpenWalls, which gives emerging and established photographers the chance to exhibit at prestigious venues, and our famous BJP International Photography Award, which has launched the careers of many leading contemporary photographers, including Juno Calypso. Running for the first time in 2019 is Portrait of Humanity, a groundbreaking initiative giving photographers the chance to have their work exhibited on outdoor screens worldwide, while Portrait of Britain, the biggest exhibition of contemporary portrait photography in the UK, is currently calling for entries to its fourth edition.

Portrait of Britain book © Gavin Li

The third aspect of our membership platform is priority access to see and apply for 1854 commissions. These are paid opportunities in which photographers work alongside our in-house team to produce new and creatively challenging work for brands. By focusing on themes that are culturally and socially relevant, 1854 Commissions allows photographers to collaborate with clients on projects that matter.

In 2018, Studio 1854 commissioned four photographers to document the lesser know sides of California – travelling across the state on a 10-day road trip. Other past commissions include a series of portraits by Laura Pannack that question what Brexit means for love, and an intimate look at the UK fracking debate. 

From the series Women of California, commissioned by Studio 1854 in collaboration with Meet California. © Francesca Allen

1854 Access will open the door for photographers to become truly immersed in the industry, and in our international community. We want to help our members make the most of the opportunities on offer at 1854 Media and British Journal of Photography. We are delighted to launch this platform, and are excited to meet our members.

Get inspired, get seen and get paid. Become an 1854 Access member today.

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Vivienne Westwood outside of her studio in Battersea, London. From the series The Rift: PNR, commissioned by Studio 1854 in collaboration with Ecotricity. © Rhiannon Adam
From Austria. The Art of Discovery, a Studio 1854 commission supported by the Austrian National Tourist Office. © Catherine Hyland
© Kovi Konowiecki, Portrait of Britain 2017
© Amara Eno, Portrait of Britain 2018
© Alys Tomlinson