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Torbjørn Rødland’s The Touch That Made You at Serpentine Sackler Gallery
Despite us both having a pretty obsessive relationship with Rødland’s books and photographs, to see them all bought together in such an effortless and wide-ranging way was a real pleasure – as was the discovery of his video piece 132BPM from back in 2005. We think he might need to get back into moving image.

Sitterwerk Art Library in St Gallen, Switzerland
We were lucky enough to visit Sitterwerk in St Gallen a few weeks ago. Housed in an art fabrication complex, this collection of 25,000 art books uses RFID technology and employs two robots to scan the shelves nightly, allowing all books to be moved, placed and shelved in no particular order, while being fully searchable and locatable thanks to an electronic database. There’s also an enormous materials archive housed in the same room of every possible material, finish or application you could think of.

Pasolini’s Bodies and Places, ed Michele Mancini & Giuseppe Perrella and published by Edition Patrick Frey
We are very grateful to be introduced to this re-issue of an extremely fastidious, idiosyncratic study of Pasolini’s gorgeous films through mapping bodies and spaces over 2000 film stills and 600 pages – a completely unique approach to such an important figure in cinema.

Marie Jacotey’s Morning Defeats at Hannah Barry gallery
French artist Marie Jacotey’s fragmentary drawings incorporate texts and the styles of graphic novels, reflecting personal experiences and small moments in daily adult life. Her show at Hannah Barry also expanded into a huge, elaborate tapestry in the middle of the space. An accompanying book with poems by Rachael Allen and great design by Traven T. Croves is also a must-have.

Muesum Instagram feed
We have no idea who is behind this mesmerising Instagram account, showing the backs of works on paper in the V&A’s collection – a bored librarian, we presume.