Which project would you want to see as a photobook?

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With entries coming in from all four corners of the globe, the Bob Books Photobook Award has seen an inspiring level of talent and diversity from the content to visual style.
We’d like to thank everyone who submitted and has taken part in the awards, proving that the passion for photobooks is still alive and kicking within the photography community.
The winner and runners up will be announced 20 July. Without further ado, here are the 10 shortlisted photographers:

Anton Polyakov – Transnistria conglomerate

© Anton Polyakov
Image from the ‘Transnistria conglomerate’ series by Anton Polyakov in which he documents the daily lives of the residents of Transnistria: “a country that does not exist”.

David Avazzadeh – Force Majeure

©David Avazzadeh
Image taken from project ‘Force Majeure’ in which photographer David Avazzadeh uses a series of seemingly disconnected arrangements in the alps to invite a shift of gaze from the photography itself onto the staged production behind it.

Graeme Williams – The Last Chief

©Graeme Williams
In ‘The Last Chief’, Graeme Williams challenges the fallacies found in the South African tourism promotional campaigns by presenting imitations of these to reflect upon the country’s external decay and internal fragmentation.

Harikrishna Katragadda – You can’t step into the same river twice

© Harikrishna Katragadda
Image taken from Harikrishna Katragadda’s ‘You can’t step into the same river twice’ for which the photographer used site-specific materials along the River Ganges to create cyanotype prints which tell its story as one of the most heavily polluted yet profoundly sacred sites in India.

Néha Hirve – Heaven

©Néha Hirve
Image taken from Néha Hirve’s latest series which uses photography and other medias to explore the lives of heroin addicts from the setting of an outwardly vacant parking lot in Oslo.

Neus Solà – Poupées

©Neus Sola-Poupees
In ‘Poupées’ Neus Sola explores the themes of identity and freedom by focusing on the most formative years of adolescent gypsy girls growing up in one of the poorest district of Perpignan, France.

Nola Minolfi – The man who never saw the sea

©Nola Miolfi
Nola Miolfi’s series ‘The man who never saw the sea’ is an honest glimpse into the lives of a small and remote Italian community living hidden in the heart of the Alps at a height of 1800 meters.

Noncedo Charmaine – Carbon copy

© Noncedo and Nonzuzo Charmaine
In ‘Carbon copy’, sisters Noncedo and Nonzuzo explore the impact that being seen as special yet lacking individuality has had on them whilst growing up as twins.

Robert Flynn – ‘Metamorphosis’

©Robert Flynn
Image from the photographic series ‘Metamorphosis’ where Robert Flynn uses geometric forms to symbolise the failure of human desire in its ability to achieve perfection.

Zoe Childerley – Dinosaur Dust

©Zoe Childerley
Zoe Childerley’s ‘Dinosaur Dust’ is an intimate portrait of a peripheral and charismatic community of the high desert, struggling to find meaning and moments of grace in the hostile environment that exists around Joshua Tree.
Watch this space, the winner and two runners up will be announced on Thursday 20th July 2017!
The grand-prize winner of the competition will receive:

  • £500 print credit from Bob Books to produce a set of photobooks based on your winning entry
  • Professional guidance from Bob Books on photobook creation
  • Editorial feature on BJP Online
  • Promotional support from BJP on social channels
  • Showcase on the Bob Books website
  • Promotional support from Bob Books on social channels

The two runners up will receive:

  • £100 print credit from Bob Books
  • Promotional support from BJP on social channels
  • Showcase on the Bob Books website
  • Promotional support from Bob Books on social channels

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