Intrepid Film Photography Award: Winners Announced!

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We had an overwhelming number of entries to the Intrepid Film Photography Awards, with over 4,700 entries. Choosing just 3 winners was a real challenge, and we’d like to thank everyone who submitted their inspiring photography – proving that film is very much alive.
Each winner will receive their very own exclusive BJP-engraved limited edition 4×5 camera, 50 sheets of film (courtesy of Ilford Photo) each to shoot a new body of work on the Intrepid 4×5. The new work will then be showcased at a full-scale group exhibition in London with production support by Metro Imaging.
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Without further ado, the winners and their proposed projects:

Lewis Khan
I am going to head to Aberdeen, photographing the people that spend large parts of the year working on oil rigs. The project will explore the themes of male isolation, and ideas around identity and belonging. Portraiture is a key aspect of my work, and I am looking forward to working on the Intrepid camera to show an insight into the lives of these solitary men.


Sarah Christianson
I am going to continue to photograph in my home state of North Dakota, documenting the myriad of effects the oil booms and busts had on the state and its transformation from a quiet agrarian landscape into an industrial zone dotted with well sites, crisscrossed by pipelines, lit up by natural gas flares, and contaminated by oil and saltwater spills. I hope to show people not only the effects on the nearby communities but the natural landscape these pipelines cut their way through.

Michael Novotny
I would use it for one of my upcoming projects – I currently live in Iceland where I plan to shoot portrait series of people living the old Icelandic way of life, farmers, fishermen and hunters. This way of life is on the fringes of what most people are used to seeing, and I am looking forward to sharing with people not only a very different life to their own but a different landscape and way of being.

A big thank you is in order to Ilford Photo and Metro Imaging, without their dedication and passion for film photography and supporting talented photographers this competition wouldn’t have been possible.
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