Photokina News: 100 megapixels for less

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Medium format camera manufacturer Phase One has added its 100-million-pixel sensor to its IQ1 ‘no frills’ camera back line-up.
The sensor is the same one used in the IQ3, but the back itself lacks some elements of functionality and menu options.
The principle difference between the IQ3 and IQ1 back is that the IQ1 model doesn’t have wifi or HDMI connections, and can’t power share with the battery in the body of the XF camera.
Furthermore, the IQ1 model lacks a number of the information displays that the IQ3 back provides, such as exposure maps and exposure clipping, and also is unable to shoot in live view mode.

Phase One IQ1 100MP
Phase One IQ1 100MP
The new back will come in fittings for the XF camera as well as in H for Hasselblad H models. While Phase One offers a ‘free’ lens to the value of €5990 with XF bodies bought with an IQ3 back, the offer doesn’t apply to those buying an IQ1 back.
The company has also added wideangle and moderate telephoto lenses to its premium Blue Ring series.
The Schneider Kreuznach 45mm LS f/3.5 and Schneider Kreuznach 150mm LS f/2.8 IF provide the sort of angles of view that we would expect from 28mm and 94mm lenses in the 35mm system.
Both lenses carry a leaf shutter and offer maximum flash synchronisation speeds of 1/1600s and 1/1000s respectively.
The 45mm lens uses 10 elements in seven groups and the 150mm has eight elements in seven groups and can focus as close at 55cm. The 150mm is particularly aimed at portrait photographers.
The Phase One IQ1 100MP Digital Back will cost $32,990, while the Schneider Kreuznach 45mm LS f/3.5 will be $5990. The Schneider Kreuznach 150mm LS f/2.8 IF is at $6990.
In a further development, Phase One has updated its Capture One Pro software to version 9.3.
The update brings profiles for a host of new cameras and lenses, as well as compatibility with the self-calibrating EIZO ColorEdge CG monitors.
Users will be able to create a profile for their monitor from within the Capture One Pro interface.
Version 9.3 is available to download now and is free for current Version 9 owners. Those using versions 7 and 8 can upgrade for €99 and new users will pay €279 for an outright purchase or €12 per month on subscription.
A free 30-day trial is also available.
*Prices for the back and lenses have been amended since this article was first published following an update from Phase One in the US.