Leica announces new M-P rangefinder

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Leica has unveiled its latest rangefinder camera for professional photographers – the Leica M-P is “photography stripped back to the essentials,” says the company.

Featuring the latest Leica M firmware, and based on the M (Typ 240), the new camera has an enlarged buffer memory of 2GB – twice the size of that of the Leica M – allowing users to shoot up to 24 images at a continuous speed of three frames per second.


New features include: a scratch resistant LCD display monitor manufactured from sapphire glass (“almost unbreakable”), and manual viewfinder frame selection with the traditional frame selector.

Using the frame selection lever, “bright-line frames for six different focal lengths can be projected into the viewfinder to simulate subject framing,” says the company. “The corresponding frames are shown in pairs for the focal lengths 28 and 90 mm, 35 and 135 mm or 50 and 75 mm”, meaning photographers can avoid changing lenses when framing a subject.

Aimed at professional photographers, including those who use the M-System, the M-P is available in two versions: with a black-paint or a silver chrome finish.

Unlike the Typ 240, the M-P does not include the red Leica logo, as the company opts for a more “unobtrusive and minimalistic look”. The top plate of the camera is engraved with a Leica script instead.

Priced at £5650, the Leica M-P is available to buy now. For more information visit https://us.leica-camera.com.

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