Recipes meet photographs in Slideluck’s Hungry Still

Every so often a book comes along that is refreshingly different to anything else out there. Hungry Still – a cookbook and photobook in equal measure – is one such publication. It is the brainchild of Slideluck London, formerly known as Slideluck Potshow, a not-for-profit initiative that unites food and photography through slideshow and potluck dinner evenings.

The new book, designed and published by Slideluck London in conjunction with Akina Factory and Format International Photography Festival, where the work was recently exhibited, features photographs and recipe highlights from the organisation’s seven-year history.

Twenty-four photographers each share five photographs, an anecdote and a recipe that relates to their photo-story. Featured are many well-known names, including Cristina De Middel, Peter Di Campo, Laura Hynd, Phillip Toledano, Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb, as well as a host of other photographers who are making significant waves in the industry, such as Aaron Schuman, Bryan Schutmaat, Carolyn Drake, Sophie Gerrard, Pierfrancesco Celada and Ian Teh.


“The conception of Hungry Still has been an emotional journey,” writes Maria Teresa Salvati, who co-directs Slideluck London with Federica Chiocchetti. “[It] started with the notion of celebrating the wonderful artists who have believed in us over the years, and the desire to transcend the traditional Slideluck format. We wanted to combine photography with food to create a complete sensory experience. This book is the fruit of that idea.”

Across the 200-plus pages is a range of recipes – from Laura Hynd’s ‘grandma’s fruit loaf’ to Bryan Schutmaat’s ‘chicken-fried steak’, Phillip Tolendano’s chocolate cake, and Catrine Val’s ‘hearty vegetarian pie’. Some of the photographers have tapped into family cookbooks for ideas, or asked chefs and friends to create a unique recipe. Personal memories and photographs are interpersed with these recipes to create an artful and thought-provoking marriage of food and imagery.

“In an age when almost everywhere in the world you can find a McDonald’s, and ubiquitous photography frenetically bombards us… Hungry Still is a hymn to diversity, slowness and sharing,” says Chiocchetti.

A book launch takes place at The Photographers’ Gallery on Thursday 15 May, where copies of Hungry Still will be available to buy. To pre-order a copy from the second print run visit:

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