Canon Female Photojournalist Award open for entries

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First created and supported by the French Association of Female Journalists, the Canon Female Photojournalist Award is back with a new sponsor: Elle magazine.


The award is handed out each year during Visa pour l’Image, the world’s largest photojournalism festival, and comes with a €8000 grant to produce or complete an ongoing one-year photojournalistic project. The competition is opened to professional women photojournalists of any age and nationality, with the winner selected in June by a jury made up of photography and press professionals. “Applicants will be judged both upon the presentation of their project and their previous work,” say the organisers. “Among the selection criteria are the quality of the photographs, as well as the journalistic thoughts and relevance of the chosen subject.”

The winner’s work will also be shown at Visa pour l’Image in 2015. The deadline for entries is 26 May.

For more details, visit the Visa pour l’Image website.

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