Michael Christopher Brown joins Magnum Photos [update]

In a message on Twitter posted earlier today, photographer Michael Christopher Brown has confirmed that he’s Magnum Photos’ new nominee. “Proud and honored to be accepted as a nominee this year,” he wrote.

In two years’ time he will be able to resubmit his work to apply to become an associate member of the agency, for which he will have to receive a 66% majority vote. If successful he will then be able to apply for full membership in 2017.


A graduate of Ohio University, Brown has “over a six-month period in 2011,documented the face of battle in Libya using a camera phone, challenging the standard script for war reportage,” he says on his website. Throught these images, he formed a series “that moves beyond documentary realism and across the distinction between art and journalism, exploring ethical distance and the iconography of warfare.”

Brown’s work has been published in Time, Newsweek, Geo, Foam, The New York Times and The Atlantic, among many other titles.

Last week, Magnum announced that photographers Peter van Agtmael and Olivia Arthur had been promoted from associate member to full member.

UPDATE (9pm): Magnum has released an official statement announcing the AGM’s decision. “The Magnum Photos AGM takes place every year in late June, bringing together Magnum’s members, photographer estates and the agency’s international staff to discuss company business and vote on potential new members, associates and nominees. This year, Magnum Photos is pleased to announce: Olivia Arthur and Peter Van Agtmael, who joined the agency as nominees in 2008, have been voted in as full members. Michael Christopher Brown has been voted in as a nominee. Alex Majoli will remain president of Magnum Photos.”