Creative Brief

BJP #7869: The Community Issue

Last month BJP focused in on group work; this month we’re looking at a different kind of collaboration – projects in which photographers engage in a two-way dialogue with their subjects. One of the best – and the best-known – examples is Jim Goldberg, who works with subjects such as teenage runaways and migrants to tell wide-sweeping stories of marginalisation and economic disparity. Using an eclectic mix of photographs, archive materials and video, and both marking up himself and invites his subjects to write on, he creates complex montages guided by his sense of “intimacy, trust and intuition”. Incorporating the perspectives of the communities and subcultures he represents, his work is informed by his own background in a blue-collar family in New Haven.

7 February 2018

How do editors discover new talent? How do magazines collaborate with freelancers? What does an editor look for when commissioning photography?

Through interviews with photo editors and art directors from publications such as Huck, Atmos, Glorious and A3, Creative Brief explores how different publications employ the photographic medium.

Be intentional about your art and trust your creative instincts,” explains Azia Javier, founder of A3. “Creativity is all in the journey, not the outcome.”