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Lina Iris Viktor’s golden touch

Reading Time: 7 minutes Lina Iris Viktor presents a gilded new exhibition in London, delving deep into the complex history of one of the world’s most desired metals

23 October 2019

The world according to Roger Ballen

Reading Time: 7 minutes For nearly 40 years Roger Ballen has been an outsider, operating on the margins with his fellow art brut artists. Now a new book and exhibition offer
a glimpse inside the workings and processes of his dark mind, a world, he says, that, “reveals itself through itself”

21 October 2019

Who is Michael Jang?

Reading Time: 9 minutes He spent 40 years documenting the street life and subcultures
of the Bay Area, but
kept his work hidden. Discovered by SFMoMA in 2001, Michael Jang’s vast archive now forms
a new book and his first major retrospective, giving a rare insight into his wayward career

18 October 2019

Inside Studio Stauss

Reading Time: 7 minutes We visit Studio Stauss in Berlin, “a laboratory for documentary photography”

14 October 2019

Creative Brief: Maxine Leonard

Reading Time: 4 minutes Maxine Leonard, co-founder of Beauty Papers, discusses the biannual magazine giving the beauty industry a radical new face

11 October 2019

Any Answers: Jeff Wall

Reading Time: 3 minutes Reconstructing scenes from everyday life and realising them as vast prints or lightbox images, the Vancouver-based artist is a pioneer
of conceptual photography – though he prefers “near documentary”. A key influence
on the Düsseldorf School, his work has been exhibited around the world. His latest show, at White Cube Mason’s Yard in London
until 07 September, presents new and recent photographs, including Recovery – a startling change of direction that echoes a “great moment in Western painting, defined by Seurat and Matisse, who revolutionised art with colour”

23 September 2019